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Luxury Oxford Pillowcases - White 400 - Thread Count

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Our soft, durable 400 thread-count pillowcases are made from 100% Cotton sateen using the finest cotton yarns. Sold as a pair.

  • 2 x Luxury Plain White Oxford Pillowcases included
  • 100% Strengthen Long Staple Cotton Sateen
  • 400 Thread-count

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    Our bed linen can be washed at up to 95 degrees but for normal use 60 degrees is fine.

    Tumble drying is not a problem but care should be taken not to overload the dryer risking greater creasing.

    Line dry is recommended where/when possible and to iron (if necessary) when slightly damp.


    • ★★★★★
      Simply the best nights sleep!
    • ★★★★★
      Thank you BellaHome for helping me choose the right bedding for my house in Spain - its so soft and allows my skin to breathe, perfect for those warm nights.
    • ★★★★★
      I've bought sets for both my house in Spain and in Sweden!
    • Peter Sanderson
    • Ingrid Nilsson
    • Anette Olsson

    Why Beaumont & Brown?

    • Super Durable

      Beaumont & Brown uses only the finest natural materials, such as 100% Egyptian cotton, long staple cotton, and pure linen. These materials are known for their softness, durability, and ability to regulate body temperature.

    • Design

      Beaumont & Brown offers a range of classic and contemporary designs, crafted with great attention to detail, and carefully chosen to complement any bedroom decor.


      Beaumont & Brown is committed to sustainability and uses eco-friendly practices throughout its manufacturing process. Our products are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring they are safe for both the environment and consumers.

    Getting the Best from your Linen

    Typically well finished cotton will shrink around 3-4% after the first wash and then never again. We build shrinkage in to the measurements of our sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases so that once washed they will be the size required to fit perfectly.

    Wash before first use

    The cloth has come straight from the finishing process and so will have a slight smell of finishing. One wash will remove this. The first wash will also allow the bed linen to shrink to the correct sizes.

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