We supply Beaumont & Browne luxury bedding made from 100% mercerized long staple, single ply cotton. The 400 thread-count fabric has a Sateen finish which becomes gloriously lush after one or two washes.

We'll explain explain what this means and why Beaumont & Browne bedding is so fantastic.

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Mercerized long staple cotton is a type of cotton yarn that has been treated to increase its strength, luster, and ability to absorb dye. Long staple cotton refers to cotton fibers that are longer and smoother than regular cotton fibers.

Bedding made from mercerized long staple cotton is typically softer, stronger, and more lustrous than bedding made from regular cotton. It is also more resistant to pilling and shrinkage.

A higher thread count equals better quality is also a common misconception.

While a higher thread count may indicate the fabric is more tightly woven and smoother to the touch, there are other factors that impact the quality and durability of bed linen such as the size and quality of the yarn used in the weaving process.

Beaumont & Browne use high quality singly ply, mercerized long staple cotton.

When manufacturers use a lower quality yarn they may use a two-ply yarn to create the illusion of a higher thread-count however this can result in a denser, less breathable fabric that is uncomfortable to sleep in.

The weave of the fabric is also a factor. Our Beaumont & Browne bed linen uses a sateen weave which is a looser weave that is known for its soft, silky feel - perfect for those warmer Spanish nights.

You can see now why Beaumont & Browne bedding has been chosen by some of the world's most luxurious hotels. 

If you need any help with sizing or choosing the right combination of bed linen for your home please do not hesitate to contact us - either online, by telephone or visit us in store in Estepona - we're happy to help.

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Written by Jacqueline Roberts

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